Entries Submission

Step by step guide to submit your entry

All entrants must submit their entry through the www.eltexcelleceawards.gr platform choosing the relevant category.

A step by step application process

  1. Visit eltexcellenceawards.gr and create your account
  2. Login to your Account page here
  3. Your personal page can be found here
  4. Fill out your company’s details. If you are submitting an entry on behalf of a public school, select the corresponding button under personal details.
  5. Select the number of categories you will be submitting entries for.
  6. Fill out your invoice data (the school or organisation’s data if your are submitting on behalf of your school or establishment)
  7. Visit the My Account page and click on the Submit a new entry link to start filling out your entry.
  8. The View/Edit all your entries link allows you to go back and edit your entries.
  9. Deposit the corresponding amount to one of our bank accounts and email a copy of the deposit slip to: ioanna.m@eltnews.gr